PMF Implementation Guidebook

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The CAM-I Performance Management Framework
How to evaluate and improve organizational performance

PMF Implementation Guidebook

The PMF Implementation Guidebook, in conjunction with the PMF Application Guide# and PMF Case Study#, is designed to support a PMF implementation in any organization. It provides guidance on completing each of the implementation steps for the entire CAM-I Performance Management Framework.

The Guidebook in PDF Format contains the following sections of Intellectual Property developed by the CAM-I Performance Management Interest Group:

1. Component Details

• Detailed description of elements required for assessment of each implementation step.

2. Catalogue of Recommended Reading

• Multiple suggested readings for the elements associated with each implementation step.

3. Assessment Forms

• Assessment Forms for each implementation step to be completed by team members of an organization conducting a PMF implementation

# These publications, with permission from CAM-I, have been edited and published by CPA Canada as the CAM-I  Performance Management Framework Executive Overview and Case Study.

The Consortium for Advanced Management – International (CAM-I)

(c) 2021 Copyright CAM-I All Rights Reserved

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No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the copyright owners unless they are sponsors of the program that funded the research.

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